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Sweet Surrender- The BDSM Play-Party of the GFB Weekend -


xperience a dream world as described in relevant books, for example, The Story of “O”, the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy or GOR. A universe where it is common that some are noble lordships and others are slaves. This is not 24/7 Utopia, it’s not “played” – but rather BDSM is being lived.

Sweet Surrender, as “Lifestyle Play-Party”, is taking a new path and, for just this one evening, is making it alive. An evening during which slaves of love and menials, maids and servants, subjects and “O”s are part of everyday life. Which BDSMer doesn’t have the desire to be part of a society like this?

The DarkSide Club might have closed for good but with the Matrix and its historic vaults, it has a great atmosphere of its own - the perfect setting. This year we will bring all our play equipment with us and make use of 20 years of experience in hosting and furnishing our bdsm castle partys. So you will have an extremely well furnished playroom, to let your creativity and fantasy flow.

Sweet Surrender

The true BDSM-Party

We supply a few basic rules that must be adhered to and for this purpose, and we provide keepers as guardians of these rules. These guidelines should help you to dive into our common universe.

The rules

  • Everybody keeps to his role throughout the entire evening, whether as Sub or Top
  • Tops are allowed to do what they want with their own Subs
  • Other Subs are taboo
  • Subs must wear a collar recognisable for all
  • Subs are not permitted to use any of the seating areas, they must remain standing, kneeling or sit well-behaved on the floor
  • Subs should lower their gaze and keep their hands behind their backs
  • When not commanded otherwise by a Top, the Sub may only speak when spoken to
  • As a general rule: Subs behave devout and reserved
  • Our keepers will report any offenses to the respective Tops and, with their agreement, these will be punished!
  • All Subs must address all Tops with Master or Mistress.

In addition, white and red ribbons will be available at the entrance that the Subs must wear on their arms:

  • White: Subs who are designated exclusively for use by their Master.
  • Red: Subs who (after agreement by their owner) may be used by anybody interested.