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XV. German Fetish Ball Weekend

In 2018, like in the past years, we are able to offer our guests attractive prices.

Tickets can be purchased here

Tickets can be purchased from the Xklusiv web-shop.

Only the VIP ticket includes all the events, including the VIP reception. There is no separate presale for the Fetish Guerilla Revolution, except the VIP ticket, that includes this party as well. All other event tickets can be purchased separately too. Buying the VIP ticket however, saves you money, if you plan to attend the entire weekend.

You can also purchase tickets for the German Fetish Fair and the German Fetish Ball at all authorised tickets agencies listed on the right hand side.

Presale At the door
Tickets for the entire GFB Weekend

GFB VIP Tickets 2018

Kinky Cocktails, VIP Reception, Sweet Surrender, Revolution, Fair and Ball all on one ticket!

135 Euro n/a
GFB Kinky Cocktails
& Savage Wear Fetish Night
Wednesday, May 9th 2018
20:00 @ Badehaus Berlin
Revaler Str. 99
10245 Berlin
Presale (only with VIP-Ticket)
5 Euro
GFB VIP Reception
& Sonic Boom
Thursday, May 10th 2018
21:00 @ Matrix
Warschauer Platz 18, 10245 Berlin
30 Euro 35 Euro
Friday, May 11th 2018
21:00 @ Matrix
Warschauer Platz 18, 10245 Berlin
30 Euro 35 Euro
Fetish Guerilla Revolution
Friday, May 11th 2018
22:00 @ KitKatClub
Köpenicker Straße 76, 10179 Berlin
Presale (only with VIP-Ticket)
25 Euro
Friday, May 11th 2018, 12:00 - 20:00
Saturday, May 12th 2018, 12:00 - 19:00
@ Magazin in der Heeresbäckerei
Köpenicker Str. 16/17, 10997 Berlin
15 Euro 18 Euro
Saturday, May 12th 2018
21:00 @ Spindler & Klatt
Köpenicker Straße 16-17, 10997 Berlin
55 Euro 60 Euro