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Picture by Roman Kasperski

Picture by Roman Kasperski

Picture by Roman Kasperski

Picture by Roman Kasperski

Europe's Premier Fetish Weekend returns

German Fetish Ball XVII

May 20-24 2020 | Berlin


First Pictures of the GFB are online!


What a night! What a weekend! It was a great weekend and we are super exhausted. But it was all worth it. We feel like sleeping for ages, but like to take the chance to say: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Your spirit, your outfits, the good conversations, the fun partying, this weekend rocked because of all  of you! This is why we gladly plan more.

German Fetish Ball Weekend 2020

The German Fetish Ball (GFB) promises a vibrant mood and crowded dance floors right to the end. As in the previous years we are sure, it will be a blast again and once more prove to be the highlight of the fetish year.

First of all this is due to our wonderful guests, who come in year after year from all over the world, for this unique fetish weekend and second thanks to our artists, designers, models, DJs, VJs, technicians, club owners, partners and our crew who work as hard as they party hard. Without all of them, this won't happen.

So we are looking forward to another awesome German Fetish Ball Weekend and can't wait for this weekend to happen.