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GFB Sonic BOOM- and the official VIP Reception -

@ MATRIXThe club where the GFB started

GFB Sonic what??? Color- and playful like last years first Sonic Boom Edition. With super sonic speed into a great Weekend. For the 3rd time the Sonic BOOM is the large party where all our GFB guests as well as all the artists, designers, exhibitors and models can get into tune and party the night away with great people at a great place. And a great party venue is the Matrix for sure, the place where the German Fetish Ball once started. We could convince the owners to get a part back for one night and have enough space for a dance floor with not electro house but Disco and sprinkles of 80s/90s for real fun dancing. We will have a show again and bring in some bdsm gear to turn parts of the venue in a playroom So this might not be as big as the German Fetish Ball but it will be as much fun! As we said: SONIC BOOM!!! Looking forward to having you there!

Program 2020Dance, Show and Play

Music by

DJ ALF and his personal DJane

Show by