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Sweet Surrender- The BDSM Play-Party of the 
GFB Weekend -


ook forward to another BDSM Playparty at the brickstone vaults of the Matrix. We bring all the bdsm gear, we usually furnish the dungeon and playrooms of our castle parties with. However, we don‘t provide toys (for hygenic reasons), so bring your own!

Due to the size of the venue and the guests coming from all around the world and from different backgrounds, this will be an open play night. Enjoy it the way you prefer. Be it to watch hot scenes or indulge your partner and you in some great bdsm action. Or maybe make new contacts, it is all up to you!

To make contact easier, we provide luminicent lightbands, indicating your preferences. The use is optional, but it proved a great help for interaction with others.

Sweet Surrender

The sensual BDSM-Party

To ensure a wonderful experience at this party, we have Dungeon Monitors at the venue, to check that the rules are followed and everyone respects the privacy and limits of the other guests.

The rules are only in place to ensure a sensual athmosphere, the privacy and of course the saftey of all our guests. We kept them to a bare minimum, many are rather basic and should be no brainers. Please stick to these rules!


  • Don‘t touch anybody without consent
    This should need no extra mention. However, even is a slave or sub is naked on display, or someone looking for contact wears a collar, this doesn’t make them fair game. Get consent first, be it by talking to the other or mabye due to signs not to be misunderstand.


  • Don‘t touch others toys
    The toys are private property and intended for intimate use. So don’t touch the toys of others.


  • Clean up behind yourself
    Hygene should be a no brainer too. But please don’t just clean up before use of the gear, also leave it clean. We provide disenfecticants for that purpose.


  • Keep a respectful distance
    You are welcome to watch at this event, since it there are no private playrooms. However keep your polite distance and give players sme private space. Also watch where you are going on standing. Clue: Don‘t stand too close, when someone is using a single tail whip.


  • Keep calm and polite
    There are plenty of possibilites this weekend to chat, dance, laugh, be wild but at this special night we ask you to keep your voice low and move your chats to the bar areas. Don’t have loud conversations close to those playing and please, do never comment on a scene from the outside. This should be common courtesy.


  • Don‘t play intoxicated
    The subs and slaves deserve the full concentration of the tops and have the right to trust the dominants, being in control. Certain amounts of alcohol or drugs don’t work well with that. So please stay sober when you play.


  • Know the safewords
    Safeword: Asks bystanders and dungeon monitors for help
    Red: Stop, this ends the entire scene
    Yellow: Stops the current action, the scene can go on


We provide you with colored lightbands at the entrance. Those will indicate some of your preferences for this night. Signal others what you are up to and make first contact easier. There is no need to wear them, it is just an optional tool.

  • Blue: Dominant/Top = Open for play/Looking for contact


  • Green: Submissive/Bottom = Open for play/Looking for contact


  • Orange: Top/Bottom/Switch = Open for play/Looking for contact


  • Red: No contact desired


  • Yellow: Only here to watch, however open for contact


  • Pink: Open for same sex encounters